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2011 – 2013 Programme for Website

This year we are working on 6 new objectives, they are;

  1.  Making sure the Trust remains solvent and well run,
  2.  Making sure all the existing programmes come to a successful end,
  3. To buy and then develop our own premises into a valuable asset and headquarters,
  4. To pilot innovative new programmes that meet the needs of our beneficiaries (schools),
  5. To find new income streams,
  6. To commission services that meets the needs of our beneficiaries (schools).

Making sure the Trust remains solvent and well run

The Trust has a small core team which works with the Trustees to ensure funds are well used and that investments are wise.

Making sure all existing programmes come to a successful end

In this regard SET will ensure existing programmes are successfully exited from or developed into a sustainable and/or profitable business/service.  Please see below a synopsis detailing the current position of projects as at October 2011.  See also the SET 2010/2011 Evaluation document for more comprehensive information on individual programmes. For more information please visit www.southendeducationtrust.co.uk 

Challenge for All.

This programme was provided by the core team and a part time Co-Ordinator and finished in July 2011.  It involved supporting and advising schools in the preparation and achievement of the National Association for Able Children in Education (NACE) Challenge Award.  It also funded innovative and collaborative projects in schools that supported ‘challenge’ for all. 


From this programme emerged a training course aimed at practitioners, especially those responsible for developing an inclusive pedagogy.  The course offers practical advice and guidance that will lay the foundation for helping practitioners plan and develop challenging lessons that meet the needs of all children and young people.  Participants will also develop leadership skills that will help them lead on promoting a ‘challenge for all’ ethos in their school.  SET can also provide to schools expert advice and guidance from trained NACE Assessors wishing to achieve the NACE Challenge Award.  For more information please go to www.carillonstrategic.co.uk.


This Service provides British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)-qualified counsellors to work with children, young people, families and professionals.  It is available to schools and organisations seeking immediate counselling support.  

This Service, fully subsidised by SET, has been successfully operating for the past six years.  During this time it has established an excellent working relationship with schools who value the professionalism and expertise provided by the service.  Since April 2011 it has sought to evolve into a self-sustaining business which can be purchased at a competitive rate.  It continues to expand its reach and can now offer bespoke training, coaching and supervision to the school workforce and or families.  For more details please visits www.carillonstrategic.co.uk 


The aim of this project was to support practitioners in working with children and families for whom English is their second language.  It employed a part-time Co-Ordinator to develop resources for access via Fronter and established a virtual network of practitioners who could support each other.  This service was free to SET schools and finished in July 2011.


From this project has emerged a training course for practitioners in “Creating Creative English Language Learning”.  Using inter-active language software – Language Garden – this course introduces participants to the relevant concepts of EAL and enables them to create exciting resources to use in lessons.  It is especially aimed at supporting practitioners in taking a leading role in developing resources and training staff less confident in language skills, to use multimedia applications. For more details please go to www.carillonstrategic.co.uk

International Dimension

International Dimension was a service provided by the core team, a paid co-ordinator and paid administrator based at Southend High School for Girls (SHfG).  It provided advice, guidance and support for schools in developing an International Dimension in their curriculum and the achievement of the British Council’s International School Award.  

PMFL was a service provided by the core team and a delivery team based at SHSG and Southend High School for Boys (SHSB). Commissioned jointly by the Local Authority and SET it provided advice, guidance and support for schools on the development of a primary language programme. Both services finished in March 2011. 


Schools wishing to develop and or expand their international links or modern foreign language provision are encouraged to contact Carillon on 01702 220100 for bespoke guidance and advice.

Learning Point Bursary

Description:This project provided a bursary for practitioners interested in working in partnership with other schools, to undertake action research or collaborative enquiries.

A number of practitioners took advantage to engage in practice-based enquiries which have contributed to their on-going study of a Masters degree. The opportunity to apply for a bursary finished July 2011.

One to One Tuition

One to one tuition was a DfE programme with ring fenced funding to support targeted pupils in KS 2, 3, and 4 with individual tuition in English or Maths with a qualified teacher.

The tuition was delivered over a ten hour period during, or in addition to, the school day.

Southend's allocation for 2010 to 2011 was 2242 places and included an allocation of 25 places for LAC pupils.

We delivered all of our allocated places.

National and local data shows positive impact on pupil progress.

Most strikingly impact has been seen in pupil confidence which has transferred into all areas of school life and learning. Pupils themselves spoke positively about the experience as did their parents.

There is no ring fenced government funding available this academic year. However, some schools in Southend are continuing with the programme using their own funding as they have seen positive results in attainment, attendance, attitude to learning and self-esteem.

Student Associate Scheme

The SA Scheme offered undergraduates the opportunity to experience the teaching profession in a school or college through a 15 day placement for them to make an informed decision regarding Initial Teacher Training (ITT) following their degree. They were also able to play a part in raising aspirations and achievements of young people with an invaluable opportunity to share their experiences of HE and act as positive role models to pupils who are thinking about going to University.

The scheme changed over the years from its launch in 2002 and SET held the contract and successfully ran the scheme for 9 years.

It was a Government funded project through the TDA which finished in July 2011 due to Government cuts in funding.

In the final year our target was to place 75 further education students in the shortage subjects of Maths, Chemistry, Physics, ICT and D&T at secondary level as well as men into primary which we exceeded and managed to secure extra funding from the TDA.

We are currently completing all final reports and audits for the TDA.

The TDA are now running the School Experience Programme, a similar type of experience for those in their final year of university or for people who hold a relevant degree. We are offering to assist schools who wish to take part by completing their registration process.

This may be a programme that will evolve in the future so SET will track developments.


Description:This project, fully subsidised by SET, brings together and trains individuals from the voluntary sector to support and deliver a range of initiatives and projects in schools.  In particular volunteers undertake an interview with experienced staff and their skills are matched to the requirements of a suitable school.  Prior to taking up their placement, they undergo a CRB check and complete a comprehensive induction programme that includes child protection training.   The project currently employs two full-time Co-Ordinators and will finish in July 2012. 


This project has provided a valued service to schools but is not sustainable in its current format.  The expertise and robust process that has been developed and trailed over the life of the project will be made available as a tool kit that schools can purchase from Carillon.  Similarly, on a consultancy basis, schools can access expert advice and guidance on setting up a co-ordinated approach to the recruitment, deployment and management of volunteers in their settings.   For more details please go to www.carillonstrategic.co.uk.

To buy and then develop our own premises into a valuable asset and headquarters

On 1st September we bought the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul at Shoebury Garrison.




Over the next 5 years we plan to develop this beautiful building into a valuable asset and headquarters.

To pilot innovative new programmes that meet the needs of our beneficiaries (schools)

We are supporting clusters of schools to develop their capacity to do more for themselves and other schools.

We are also developing exciting new partnerships with the private sector:-

Leadership Partners.

Leadership Partners is a professional development programme for headteachers and chairs of governors run on a not for profit basis by Southend Education Trust (SET).

Leadership Partners enables school leaders, headteachers and chairs of governors to access mentoring and personalised, needs-based support from professional partners, all of whom are experienced, practising headteachers and chairs of governors trained and accredited to undertake the Leadership Partner role.

Headteachers or chairs of governors, who would like to benefit from the support and mentoring of an appropriately experienced colleague, will be able to register with Leadership Partners and search the profiles of the mentors available. You don’t have to select just one mentor; if you wish, you can select different leadership partners for different needs and purposes.

Contact arrangements are likely to include face-to-face meetings, but might take the form of telephone conversations or other forms of electronic communication. These are matters for leadership partners to agree for themselves. You will be asked to pay £350 towards the costs of each mentoring session, which will also cover preparation and follow up work for the mentor.

More information can be found at www.leadershippartners.org

The National Association of School Partnership’s

The National Association of School Partnerships is the leading voice for school partnerships across the UK.

  • access to professional publications
  • a helpline covering areas such as setting up a partnership, human resources, fundraising,
  • discounted special services from consultancy to insurance
  • networking
  • training
  • research
  • other products including a free NASP Partnership newsletter

In addition, members get access to NASP events, conferences and resources that are free or discounted.

For a small Annual Membership fee of just £25.00 both established and new school partnerships can access a wealth of experience, expertise and knowledge.

The Association in 2012 hosst the inaugural conference for all UK school Partnerships, Chains of Schools and Federations.

Apart from advice, training and guidance, the NASP also provides mentoring support and other vital services.

The National Association of Leaders of School Partnerships


The National Association of Leaders of School Partnerships is a new organisation.  The Association provides advice, support, networking, training, research and other products and services to leaders of Schools Partnerships in the UK.

For a small Annual Membership fee of just £25.00 leaders from both established and new school partnerships can access a wealth of accumulated experience, expertise and knowledge.

Southend as a Teaching and Learning Resource

Aims of the Group

The project ‘Southend as a Teaching and Learning Resource’ encompasses the Southend Curriculum, Learning Outside the Classroom, the Dare to Dream programme and the Shoebury Heritage Centre.

It aims to:

  • provide schools with resources, opportunities and CPD to support them in achieving a broad and balanced curriculum particularly in the areas of creativity, the arts and Learning Outside the Classroom.
  • develop Southend as a focus for teaching and  learning
  • produce a comprehensive Southend Curriculum to support using the town as a teaching and learning resource.
  • develop strategic partners and support them in developing resources and opportunities for schools and the community.
  • contribute to the development of the Shoebury Heritage Centre as a resource for schools and the community
  • enable pupils to know and be proud of their town.

We are continuing to develop a Southend Curriculum which will provide schools with information on resources to support using Southend and surrounding areas as a teaching and learning resource. The Southend Curriculum had a successful launch in September though further development is still in process.

A training programme is being developed to support the Southend Curriculum. The first session was held at Southchurch Hall in October and further details can be obtained from www.carillonstrategic.co.uk

Planning for the Shoebury Heritage Centre is under way and is an exciting prospect as an educational resource for schools.

To find new income streams

We are seeking opportunities to draw in new and additional funding streams.  Currently we are working to;

  • become a strategic partner for emerging Teaching School Alliances,
  • become an Academy Sponsor for schools wishing to convert to academy status,
  • become a lead partner in an organisation to develop the infrastructure of the 3rd sector in Southend,
  • lead on bids for funds to develop International Partnerships,
  • become the accountable body responsible for the development of a new Heritage Centre in Shoeburyness.
  • successfully tender for new contracts and service level agreements


To commission services that meet the needs of our beneficiaries (schools)

The Trust is commissioning services in the 3 areas of School Improvement, Workforce Development and Back Office Support.  To do this we are working with our wholly owned trading company Carillon.  Carillon has a full range of services and programmes.  To find out more go to www.carillonstrategic.co.uk.


To see an overview of our current programme click here – 2011/13 Programme Overview

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